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Our Creative Journey

Welcome to Three Birds Creative Co., where creativity takes flight and innovation knows no bounds. Founded by Calla Walshe, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creative content, we've spent the last decade curating captivating media experiences and delivering bespoke solutions to clients across multiple media platforms.

Our Story

Three Birds Creative Co. was born from Calla's personal creative endeavors and freelance projects. Her unwavering dedication to excellence and a deep-rooted love for all things creative have fueled our journey to becoming a dynamic boutique media and publishing house.

Innovation Every Step of the Way

At Three Birds Creative Co., we are project visionaries. We don't just manage projects; we shepherd them from inception to completion, ensuring exceptional results at every turn. With a specialized focus on media production, we breathe life into ideas, crafting engaging and unforgettable experiences for our clients.


Meet the Founder

Collaboration and Impact

Our Commitment

With a keen eye for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Three Birds Creative Co. is dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. Join us on this thrilling journey as we continually push the boundaries of creativity in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Crafting unique and authentic personal brands that resonate with individuals and leave a lasting impression.

Personal Branding

Developing brand identities that convey a clear and compelling message, setting your business apart in a crowded marketplace.

Branding and Identity

Creating brand experiences that connect emotionally with your audience, fostering brand loyalty and recognition.


Designing modern and user-friendly websites that deliver exceptional online experiences and enhance your digital presence.

Web Design

Designing captivating visuals, including logos, graphics, and print materials, to make your brand visually memorable.

Graphic Design

Leveraging the power of social media to engage audiences, build relationships, and drive brand awareness and growth.

Social Media

Crafting compelling and informative web content that captivates readers, improves SEO, and drives website success.

Web Content

Efficiently organizing and overseeing projects from start to finish, ensuring seamless execution and top-notch results.


Strategically planning and executing online marketing campaigns to boost your online visibility and drive conversions.

Online Marketing

Our Expertise


What People Are Saying

Calla is the driving force behind Three Birds Creative Co. Known for her dynamic and inclusive nature, she combines creativity with a strong sense of idealism and intuition. With a wealth of experience in team collaboration, project organization, and leadership, Calla brings boundless creativity to her work.

As a problem solver, she thrives on uncovering effective solutions, demonstrating resourcefulness and adaptability in various roles. Committed to people, purpose, sustainability, and work-life balance, Calla endures challenges with unwavering tenacity, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Connect and collaborate with Calla to create meaningful impact together. Join us on this exciting journey!

Calla Walshe

  • LinkedIn

I needed someone to help me design a website AND quickly. I found Calla on LinkedIn and have been amazed at her talent! She grasps what you are trying to accomplish very quickly and deliver results fast. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any project that needs someone who is creative, resourceful and can work within your budget and timeline.

Jeanne B., Happy Website Customer

Omgosh this is everything I envisioned and more!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I could cry!

Kristin T.,  E-Commerce Website Client

Bright, uncluttered and visually appealing, Calla’s work consistently demonstrates her superb eye for design. Her remarkable range of talent has helped re-shape an old office supply company into a progressive, customer-focused provider of business solutions that is well-positioned toward a new generation of consumers . . .

John H.,  Web, Graphic, Content Creation and Advertising Customer

Our agency needed marketing materials for give aways, social media, etc. Calla and Three Birds Creative Co. not only worked incredibly quickly, she exceeded our expectations! We felt so lost and Calla made it easy to find our way!

Drew Carlisle, Graphic, Content Creation and Advertising Customer

Collaboration is the heartbeat of our work. We believe in working closely with brands to seamlessly integrate into our programming or harness the creative prowess of our talented teams for impactful brand campaigns. Our unique blend of media and branding expertise empowers our partners to reach their goals and make a lasting impression.

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